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ignite your personal power for a better self and a better world.

How do you take what is breaking your heart and turn that into action, achieving impactful and sustainable change? Match-Striking for Beginners: Activating Individual and Collective Power for a More Just World is your playbook to ignite power from the margin, inviting you to discover the pathway to a more just world by recognizing your personal power and unleashing the superhero within you. 

In my new book, your road map for individual and collective change, I draw on my own unique perspective and lived experience as a queer woman and share the actionable steps I used to amplify my own personal power to create organizational and societal change. The specific challenges and harm members of historically marginalized groups experience often slow or stop progress, but my method incorporates essential practices and bold moves to help you break through those blockers to ignite your inner superhero, activate collective power, and drive the social change our hearts ache for. 

Match-Striking for Beginners: Activating Individual and Collective Power for a More Just World launches on June 25, 2024!  Reserve your copy now!

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Sometimes life throws you a bone; you meet a person who changes you for the better, who makes the world a better place and makes you believe you can leave a positive impact too. That’s Tracey Breeden. In the years I have known her, she has taught me how to not only approach change, but also to evoke it in ways that can make my world as a woman better for all of us.

Match-Striking for Beginners is one of the most important books I’ve had the honor of reading. I watched it grow from a flicker of an idea fueled by passion into the honest, thoughtful, raw, yet approachable, work it is now. This roadmap is filled with the truths that motivate us to want better for our world, as well as the ways in which we can do our part to get there.

I more than recommend, I insist.

– ginger scott, usa today, wall street journal and amazon bestselling author
– carley lake, co-founder & ceo of Lucky Sweater APP
and former head of women’s safety marketing at uber

Getting to know Tracey Breeden in real life is such a joy. But reading Tracey’s story and wisdom through these pages is the second-best thing! From personal tales in childhood to making change in professional settings as an adult, Tracey shows us that making an impact is possible if we’re willing to speak out. Packed with actionable tips and real-life examples, this book will leave you feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to stand up for what you believe in. 

– calen otto, Author of The Art of Unruly Travel on a Budget and Creator of 

INSPIRED! If you don’t walk away feeling like that after reading this book, then you might want to read it again. Tracey’s personal anecdotes and vision are clear and social change is what we all need! From start to finish you can’t put it down and by the end you are trying to figure out how to help others you may have overlooked in the past. This book is about helping ALL people and I hope it is something that you strive for now too.

– Liann latour, Executive Support Specialist

key features

“The author’s unique, lived experience and credibility.”  I base my approach and methods on my unique, lived experience as a queer woman and executive leader in the tech industry and in public safety, as I’ve successfully activated my personal power from the margin to create impactful change in my personal life while also transforming organizations and the lives of others. 

“Chapter activators that help you ignite your personal power.”  I provide you my personal key action steps at the end of each chapter that help you identify and activate your own personal and collective power for both individual self-development and societal change.

“Real-world stories and voices.”  I share real, raw stories from people I know as well as other superheroes who have harnessed their personal power to make a significant impact from the margin.

“A playbook for the marginalized.”  My message empowers women and people in historically marginalized groups while also recognizing the impacts of the unique challenges and barriers that these groups face. This is a critical component many books and authors in the space of self-help, personal development, and social impact don’t address and a significant differentiating factor regarding my book.

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The journey of becoming one’s self can be a challenging ride for women. Even having the courage to share our stories—raw, honest, and unfiltered—can be overwhelming, but this is how we truly find authentic connection. In this powerful narrative, Tracey creates a safe space for personal reflection, while providing tools to find our real voice and inspire us to act.

As the CEO of a global women’s travel community, the book inspires me to stand in a place of hope and ultimately create meaningful and much needed social change. After all, if not me, then who?

– carolyn ray, ceo & editor of journeywoman
and chair of satw canada, tmac, and ttc herald

While reading Tracey’s book, I was constantly presented with the opportunity to reflect on being an outlier for 18 years. I was a Black female in an environment dominated by white men. My company at the time struggled greatly in human resources. Upper management would turn you into a target of condescension; you had to fix the problem of not “fitting in.”

I wish Match-Striking for Beginners had been available when I became an executive with the power to change things. I would have incorporated it into our training program; it would have resulted in a safer, more understanding environment for all. Tracey’s book is filled with powerful lessons that can be successfully applied across many workplace environments. For instance, education would benefit from the concepts Tracey presents, welcoming the fact all children are different so shouldn’t be taught alike.

Match-Striking for Beginners is a compelling book that will take those that are narrow-minded to open-minded, provide clarity to those who feel trapped and invisible who feel dismissed, anxious, and frightened, giving them hope that they can change things rather than quit life. Tracey’s book lets you know it’s okay to be who you are because you are valued and safe.

– carla d. debow, Retired Corporate Executive, Middle School teacher & Diversity Consultant 

Tracey’s passion and desire to create positive change in the world is always glaringly obvious in any conversation you have with her. In this book, Tracey does a beautiful job of helping you to feel the same desire for change as she does. Tracey doesn’t just put statistics in front of you but pairs the painful reality of marginalized groups with actionable tools so that you walk away feeling like you truly can make a difference.

– Dianni Hall, podcast producer

I am thrilled to see this book come to life! As someone who: 1) believes in Tracey’s vision, 2) needs inspiration to act, and 3) could use a framework for delivering on social change, this book is exactly what I (and so many others) need. The tools, the encouragement, the inspiration garnered from Tracey’s lived experiences and other anecdotes, all of it together in one place is going to provide so many people with opportunities to create social change— many who may not otherwise be able to deliver on it. 

– Jessica Johnson, Director of Product at match group


Book Launch in Bisbee, AZ

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June 14th @ 4 PM
The Women’s Reception at the Courtyard

Keynote Speaker: “You Are the Superhero You’ve Been Waiting For”

June 15th @ 11 AM
The Copper Queen Library

Live speaking from the Balcony followed by book reading and Q&A with the Author                               

June 16th @ 11 AM
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Meet the Author and Book Signing


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This book is a powerful reminder that each of us has the potential to spark change. It shows that with passion and determination, even the biggest challenges can be overcome, inspiring us to make a significant impact.

An essential read for anyone who dreams of making a positive difference in the world.

– pamela zaballa, ceo of no more,
a global public awareness initiative to end domestic violence and sexual assault

I had the great fortune of meeting Tracey Breeden through a leadership program that I was facilitating at Uber. The program ended and that was the beginning of a friendship, sisterhood, and commitment to support each other as we lean into our individual and collective work to be a part of much needed systemic change. Her book illuminates that we have a long way to go to create a harmonious and just world for everyone; no exceptions. And she has bravely offered her life stories in service of shining a light on things we prefer to not see or know about. It also emphasizes what it means to live aligned with values, purpose, and a vision of something better. The best part is that she does not leave us there but rather creates a roadmap and tools for making change happen. And gives us the much needed hope that it can happen.

– nan watts, ceo and founder, nan watts coaching 

Match-Striking for Beginners is a unique book in the self-improvement space—an inspirational, actionable, and supportive guide to identifying and developing the unique superpower that will propel you forward in life and work. Tracey’s career path is not typical, yet the personal stories she uses to demonstrate how she found and used her unique power to make change are entirely relatable. We had the good fortune to work with Tracey in a number of capacities and learned something new every time. Whether you are in the workforce already, or just entering, Match-Striking for Beginners is a must read.

– Robbie Karp & Jane Randel, co-presidents, karp randel llc