For It Is Not The Light That Is Needed, But Fire …

about me

my personal power was ignited when i embraced the truth that i am enough to create change.

I grew up in a middle-class family in rural midwestern America, in a loving home but in a culture that told me what I “should do” and that I was “not good enough” just being me. My story is the message of my heart and so many others. For it is in what broke my heart that I found purpose and personal power to become fully and authentically me. I rose up to stand in a place of hope and courage, embracing my values and mission. I chose disruption and freedom. 

I unleashed my inner superhero and embarked on an extraordinary journey of personal growth and expansion, and professional elevation from public safety to a leader and executive in the Tech industry, successfully coaching individuals and leading mission-driven teams with purpose, passion and lived experience.  

I still choose disruption and freedom everyday as I stand for myself, the most marginalized, and those who are seeking to expand and rise. Together, we can achieve a better self and a better world when we activate our power from the margin.

My Values

I believe in putting people first through acts of genuine care. All people have value and purpose and deserve a life free from harm.

I believe you are enough to create change. Embracing the belief that you are enough to create change is essential to recognizing your personal power and unleashing the superhero within.

I believe we empower through service, helping others expand and elevate in their own self-development and personal power. And in all of this, our actions both individually and collectively must be grounded in truth, authenticity, and integrity to create a better self and better world.

My Mission

I have a vision to build authentic, equitable, and respectful communities, free from harm.

My mission is an expansion of that vision: to empower and ignite people to be better, more powerful versions of themselves, unleashing their inner superhero through self development and activating collective power from the margin, all toward creating a better world.

You may also be interested to know…

I’ve traveled around the world, but my heart and home are in the desert southwest with the love of my life, our two kids, two dogs, one cat and a bearded dragon. It’s a lively bunch!  While my love leaps into the mornings, I crawl to the coffee pot. I’m most partial to hikes in nature and time near water. A good sunset, a red wine blend, and cheesecake are my favorite pairings. I love my solitude time, an important part of my personal practice, but my favorite time is sitting outside manifesting under a full moon next to the woman who nurtures me and brings warmth to my intense soul.

I often say that purpose can be found in what breaks your heart … but I believe that you find purpose in what fills your heart too.

I’ve lived my life dedicated to serving and empowering people.

I am a thought leader with over two decades of experience transforming lives and organizations. As a corporate executive and leader, I assembled and led high performing, mission-driven global teams and have successfully coached individuals along both their personal and professional journeys. Known as a fearless people leader, I fought for and created safe, inclusive, and empowering spaces for women and historically marginalized groups. I am a published author and sought-after speaker with a special focus on women, LGBTQ+, and marginalized group empowerment, self-development, activism, and safety. I have presented to individuals and large groups and have presented keynotes at conferences internationally. 

A former law enforcement officer and Medal of Valor recipient, I led efforts in tech as Uber’s first Head of Women’s Safety and Gender-Based Violence, creating Uber’s first global team dedicated to the safety of women and other vulnerable populations. I advised on some of Uber’s most notable safety and inclusion products and I’m known for creating Uber’s first human trafficking prevention initiative and Uber’s first bystander awareness initiative, and for spearheading safety and social advocacy programs including Uber’s Global Driving Change commitment and program engaging with over 200 advocacy and activist organizations globally focused on women, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC communities, resulting in transformational partnerships and global initiatives. 

I was also the Vice President, Head of Safety and Social Advocacy, at Match Group, the parent company of global dating apps including Tinder, Hinge, and OkCupid. I stood up Match Group’s first-ever dedicated Central Trust & Safety program and assembled team of nearly 30 experts to work in partnership and guide online and in-real-life safety and advocacy efforts across the portfolio’s 15+ brands. While there, I was named one of the top 50 LGBTQ women and nonbinary innovators in business and tech.

I’m now the CEO and founder of Disrupt the Landing, LLC, providing speaking programs, coaching and mentoring, and advisory services for both individuals and organizations.

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Tracey had a clear vision for what global rider and driver safety could be at Uber. Working collaboratively with regional general managers from around the world and corporate functional leads, Tracey transformed Uber’s approach to safety to be best in class.

– megan prichard, vice president of ridehail at cruise
and former uber executive

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Media About Me and By Me

I’ve dedicated my life to empowering people and creating safe and inclusive spaces, taking a unique, people-first, and community collaborative approach in my mission. The results of my work and influence have created safety, empowerment and inclusion for the most marginalized in our communities, which in turn creates safe spaces for all.  And people have taken notice. Below is some of what I’ve said … and what has been said about me in the media, blogs and interviews.

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Awards & Accolades

My mission-driven work in safety, advocacy, and leadership has been recognized by numerous organizations and outlets, including Fast Company, where I was named to the Top 50 Queer List of queer women and nonbinary individuals transforming business; Mashable, where my Uber team’s work was recognized as 1 of “14 Innovations that helped make the world a better place in 2018”; and in policing, with the Chief’s Award for Excellence along with the highest public safety honor one can receive, the Medal of Valor.