Recognize You Are A Superhero

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You are enough to create change.

The impactful change I’ve created and remarkable success I’ve experienced would not have happened had I not first embraced the belief that I was enough to create change. Over time and with help, I ignited my personal power, manifesting the desires of my heart while driving positive change. I recognize that it’s a hard journey and the challenges can be enormous. The limiting voices you hear at nearly every turn won’t stop, but don’t let them stop you. Stand in a place of hope with me and let’s come together so that you can activate the superhero within you with practices and actionable steps that will help drive the results you are looking for.

You are not alone, and together we can become unstoppable in creating a better self and a better world.

Do you know you have a superhero within you?

In my speaking programs, I draw on my own unique perspective and lived experience as a queer woman and leader. I share my playbook and the actionable steps I used to amplify my own personal power to create personal, organizational, and societal change. The specific challenges and harm women and members of historically marginalized groups experience often slow or stop progress, but my method incorporates essential practices and bold moves to help you break through those blockers to ignite your inner superhero, activate collective power from the margin, and drive the change our hearts ache for.

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She has the type of personality where she can be giving this speech right now to an executive team, but then … just have this fresh and on-the-ground approach with a grassroots organization because of her passion.

– pamela zaballa, ceo of no more,
a global public awareness initiative to end domestic violence and sexual assault

I Don’t Just Inspire, I Activate!


Real, raw, thought-provoking, and knowledgeable. I don’t just inspire, I activate. I bring lived experience, expertise, and a profound message to teach and motivate you along your journey of personal and professional growth and transformation. I’m not afraid to tell it like I see it. I will entertain you while also creating a safe space for you to recognize your own personal power and a pathway to creating the better self and better world our hearts ache for.

I leave you and the audience feeling empowered, motivated, and wanting more. But most importantly, I leave you with actionable steps I’ve used to successfully amplify my personal power to overcome blockers and create personal, organizational, and societal change. I have presented my talks to small and large groups and delivered keynotes at conferences and events internationally and I look forward to inspiring you and your group with my speeches and programs.

Speaking Topics:

  • Women, LGBTQ+, and Marginalized Group Empowerment
  • Personal Development
  • Self-Acceptance and Expansion
  • Mindfulness and Manifestation
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Leadership
  • Activism
  • Safety and Inclusion

Speeches & Talks

“You are the superhero you’ve been waiting for”

A talk on self-acceptance, expansion, and personal development, where I provide tools and practices for overcoming challenges and limiting beliefs and igniting your individual personal power to achieve the desires of your heart, a better self, and the better world our hearts ache for.

“Standing in a place of hope”

A talk that discusses the concept of standing in a place of hope and power when all around us the challenges seem insurmountable, where I provide tools and practices to help you overcome adversity, build resilience and courage, and identify the individual actions you can take to rise up, achieve success, and ignite collective power with others to effect impactful change.

“You find purpose in what breaks your heart”

A talk on discovering and igniting your purpose while also creating an effective plan to execute on it, achieving success, life fulfillment, and both individual and collective change for a more just world.

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– carolyn blair brandeis, restauranteur and first disruptor

Speaking Programs

Unleashing your inner superhero

You are the superhero you have been waiting for! In this program based on my book, I focus on how to ignite the personal power within each of us for a better self and better world, helping individuals achieve personal expansion and the desires of their hearts while also making an impactful difference in the world. The program covers topics such as personal development, disrupting limiting beliefs, overcoming adversity and rejection, identifying purpose, mindfulness and manifestation, and igniting both individual and collective change.

Activating Power from the margin

In this program focused on assembling a community for action, I focus on the unique role women, the LGBTQ+ community, and other marginalized groups have to play in social activism in organizations and across all communities. I empower individuals and groups with tools and practices that help you achieve change while also recognizing the impacts of the unique challenges and barriers marginalized groups face. This program covers topics such as finding and building community, taking bold collective action, weaving mission and purpose into your daily work, overcoming organizational blockers, grassroots activism, building the business case for social change, cultivating empathy, building resilience, overcoming adversity, and standing in a place of hope.

Lay down your safety and lead

In this program based on my book, I discuss the concept of laying down your safety with a focus on unleashing your inner superhero to become a highly-effective leader. The program helps individuals lead with courage, vision, and mission while elevating, motivating, and igniting teams and groups, ultimately creating a culture of trust, collaboration, and meaningful results. The program covers topics such as mission-driven leadership, vulnerability, team building, creating a culture of safety and belonging, building resilience, courage, and emotional intelligence.

Better self coaching partnership

A coaching and mentorship program providing guidance and ongoing support for those looking for personal elevation and expansion in their lives, helping both individuals and groups achieve their personal and professional goals.

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Ready to Ignite Personal Power Together?

Be Better Bootcamps

So much of what we are personally experiencing and observing in our communities is breaking our hearts. We stand ready to take action, but we recognize that it’s hard. We struggle with our own self belief, finding purpose, and the unique challenges we face. I’ve designed one- to four-day group bootcamp programs and retreats for women and non-binary individuals as the solution. I promise there won’t be (many) push-ups involved! The programs and retreats are designed to immerse you in nature’s beauty where we can just “be” together, working towards a better version of ourselves in a safe space while growing and connecting in community with others. It is the place where we can come together in the power of the collective and create magical moments together that propel us forward into purposeful collaboration and catalyzing change, both personally and in society.