EP 22: 2023 Year in Review: Disruption Stories from 2023 featured image

EP 22: 2023 Year in Review: Disruption Stories from 2023

In this reflective episode, Tracey and Michelle lead us through a whirlwind of disruptions that defined 2023. With a touch of nostalgia, they revisit their favorite episodes from the past year, each narrative a testament to diverse perspectives and impactful conversations. But it wasn’t just them—listeners chose disruption too, challenging norms and reshaping the discourse. As they reflect, Tracey and Michelle distill lessons from resilience to embracing change, setting the stage for a hopeful and powerful 2024!

In this episode Tracey and Michelle talk about:

  • Their favorite episodes from 2023
  • How listeners disrupted in 2023
  • How Michelle disrupted in 2023 by stepping into her identity as an artist
  • How Tracey disrupted in 2023 by writing a book and coaching fourth grade basketball
  • How they’ve disrupted together over the last year
  • And what lessons they learned in 2023
  • What they hope 2024 will look like

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