EP 25: Exploring Match-Striking for Beginners: The Importance of Community and Collective Action featured image

EP 25: Exploring Match-Striking for Beginners: The Importance of Community and Collective Action

In today’s episode, we explore the empowering world of Tracey Breeden’s new book, “Match-Striking for Beginners: Activating Individual and Collective Power for a More Just World.”

Match-Striking for Beginners is your playbook to ignite power from the margin, inviting you to discover the pathway to a more just world by recognizing your personal power and unleashing the superhero within you. We are going to dive into a series where in each episode we will highlight a theme or concept of the book, allowing Tracey to give us a sneak peek into some of the most transformational aspects of her new book!

This week we explore the idea of finding or building community and taking collective action so we can all have a positive impact on the world!

In this episode, Tracey and Michelle talk about:

  • Aspects of Tracey’s book that make it unique
  • How this book is designed for women and historically marginalized groups
  •  How showing up authentically is an important step towards community and collective action
  • The importance and power of finding your community … or building it, if it doesn’t already exist
  • Creating collective action by having a vision, sharing it, and trusting that other superheroes will rise up

Whether you’re seeking to ignite your inner superhero or activate collective power, Tracey’s roadmap offers essential practices and bold moves to break through blockers and create lasting impact. Preorder your copy of Match-Striking for Beginners today and join the movement for positive change!

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