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the disruption Podcast is About Activating Big, Bold Change.

The Disruption Podcast is focused on creating big, bold change through the disruption of systems and institutions that cause harm to others and through disruption in your own personal life leading you to find pathways to your own purpose, freedom, and power. We believe that disruption in these spaces activates transformational impact across society.

We are Tracey Breeden and Michelle Pelton, the hosts of The Disruption Podcast. We are queer activists, passionate about driving change, who will share our personal stories of disruption with you and lead you through discussions with fellow disruptors, including other activists and advocates, leaders on the inside and outside of organizations, and notable friends and influencers. We hope to inspire and activate you towards the big, bold change that you want to see in yourself and in the world.  

We will dig deep into those personal stories and into pressing topics like creating safe spaces and belonging, advocating for social change through activism in the most difficult places, personal elevation and radical leadership through living authentically, and sex positivity. We’ll even talk about closing the orgasm gap! It can get pretty serious, but we’ll also love, laugh, and weave lightness into our time together. The truth is disruption of self and the systems that surround us is not easy, and often requires us to lay down our safety. It all begins with giving ourselves permission to take that first step into personal truth and power. Look around and know you are not alone. We and our fellow Disruptors are people from all walks of life on that journey with you. Get ready to disrupt! 

Trailer: Welcome to The Disruption Podcast with Tracey Breeden and Michelle Pelton featured image

Trailer: Welcome to The Disruption Podcast with Tracey Breeden and Michelle Pelton


The Disruption Podcast is a podcast about activating big, bold change. In each episode, Tracey Breeden and Michelle Pelton share stories of personal disruption and dig deep into pressing topics around creating safe spaces for ourselves and the most vulnerable in our communities, advocating for social justice through activism, radical leadership, corporate action and responsibility, personal elevation through living authentically, sex positivity, and everything in between.

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