EP 27: Exploring Match-Striking for Beginners: The Importance of Fully Embracing Your Value featured image

EP 27: Exploring Match-Striking for Beginners: The Importance of Fully Embracing Your Value

In this episode, we continue our discussion of Tracey’s new book ‘Match Striking for Beginners,’ which explores Tracey’s roadmap for unleashing your personal power in order to ignite collective action for a better self and a better world. In this conversation, we offer a glimpse into the critical importance of the power and value that individuals, especially women and historically marginalized groups, have inherently and the difficulties people in these groups face in embracing and harnessing that power due to the unique challenges they experience. In sharing a few thoughts and experiences related to Tracey’s deep-dive into personal power in her book, listeners will be enlightened, heard and seen, and inspired to embrace their personal power and unleash their inner superhero!

In this episode, Tracey and Michelle talk about:

  • Feedback from test readers of Tracey’s book
  • How test readers contribute to the book’s development
  • Emphasis on women and marginalized groups embracing their value
  • Addressing the impact of rejection and the challenge it presents
  • Tracey’s vision for readers to feel heard, seen, and inspired

Whether you’re seeking to ignite your inner superhero or activate collective power, Tracey’s book is a roadmap that offers essential practices and bold moves to break through the blockers we as marginalized voices and groups experience and create lasting impact. Preorder your copy of Match-Striking for Beginners today and join the movement for positive change!

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