EP 28 Part 1: Exploring Match-Striking for Beginners: Transforming Self-Doubt into Self-Empowerment with Nan Watts featured image

EP 28 Part 1: Exploring Match-Striking for Beginners: Transforming Self-Doubt into Self-Empowerment with Nan Watts

In Part One of a two-part series with our special guest, Nan Watts of Watts Collaborative, we delve deep into the complex feelings many confront regarding self-worth and societal expectations. With a poignant blend of vulnerability and wisdom, Nan opens up about her struggles with feeling “enough” and her journey towards quieting the persistent inner voice of self-doubt. Nan explores different facets of her life with us—from her affinity for nature’s calming influence to her emergence as a passionate photographer and later, a transformative leadership coach. Together, we engage in a candid discussion about the disruption of ingrained behaviors and the uncomfortable yet essential growth that comes with change.

As a mother of two young boys (now men), Nan was deeply moved by the impact of the tragedies in our world at the turn of the century — the devastating Columbine shooting in 1999 and subsequently the horrific attacks on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. These events inspired Nan to want to do whatever she could to help provide a positive impact on the world, and especially for her family. Prior to starting Nan Watts Coaching in 2005, now Watts Collaborative, she started two successful photography businesses, both of which continue to inform how she wanted to establish her coaching practice. Her training, tools, and guiding principles are what she uses to capture, frame, and reflect back to her clients so they can see and hear themselves in their instructive moment. As a coach, Nan specializes in working with senior leaders and executives who are challenging themselves to grow, adapt, and thrive in a world of constant change.

In this episode Tracey, Michelle, and Nan talk about:

  • Societal pressures and the internal voice that perpetuates self-doubt.
  • Strategies for acknowledging and battling that voice of self-doubt.
  • Nan’s insights on revisiting grief from unexpressed experiences.
  • Acknowledging self-worth and the value of experience that comes with age.
  • Nan’s background as a third-generation Chicagoan, living on a property rich with history and a special connection to nature.

Whether you’re seeking to ignite your inner superhero or activate collective power, Tracey’s book is a roadmap that offers essential practices and bold moves to break through the blockers we as marginalized voices and groups experience and create lasting impact. Preorder your copy of Match-Striking for Beginners today and join the movement for positive change!

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