EP 30: Exploring Match-Striking For Beginners: How Strategic Collaboration Fuels Change in the Corporate World featured image

EP 30: Exploring Match-Striking For Beginners: How Strategic Collaboration Fuels Change in the Corporate World

In this episode of The Disruption Podcast, we are joined by Robbie Karp and Jane Randel to discuss their experiences as change-makers in corporate America. They share their insights on driving change within corporate systems, including the importance of being strategic and the critical impact of building alliances. Robbie talks in detail about their work in addressing sweatshop conditions at Liz Claiborne and the creation of the Fair Labor Association. Jane also digs deep into her work to raise awareness about domestic violence and the development of NO MORE, an international initiative dedicated to ending domestic violence and sexual assault. Both Robbie and Jane emphasize the need for collaboration and human understanding in creating lasting change.

Robbie and Jane, both close friends and long-time colleagues of Tracey’s, are Social Impact advisors and co-founders of Karp Randel, a consultancy designed to help corporations, foundations, and individuals achieve their business and personal goals while making a positive impact on society.

Robbie is currently serving on the executive committee and is the immediate past chair of the board of Educational Alliance. She is also a director and sits on the executive board of Human Rights First, an independent advocacy organization that works to ensure that the U.S. is a global leader in human rights. Throughout her career, Robbie has served on a number of other nonprofit legal and human rights boards and task forces, including Co-Chairing President Clinton’s Apparel Industry Partnership (AIP), a coalition of consumer companies, human rights and labor rights organizations, and consumer groups formed by the former U.S. President to help improve global working conditions.

Jane is also a co-founder of NO MORE and, in February 2020, gave a TEDx talk about engaging youth to end violence. Jane is currently serving as a consultant to the NFL and NASCAR to help those organizations address issues of domestic violence and sexual assault within their organizations as well as in service to the public at large. Jane has also co-founded the recently launched The Comms Collective, a strategic communications practice with a focus on defining new pathways to growth for challenger brands and next-generation businesses.

In this episode, Tracey and Michelle talk with Robbie and Jane about:

  • The definition of disruption in corporate America.
  • Challenges and hurdles Robbie and Jane faced in implementing changes in their roles in corporate environments.
  • The role of community and collective activation in effecting change.
  • Strategies Robbie and Jane used to navigate complex dynamics with corporate and legal teams.
  • The impact of Robbie and Jane’s initiatives on social change and corporate responsibility.

Whether you’re seeking to ignite your inner superhero or activate collective power, Tracey’s book is a roadmap that offers essential practices and bold moves to break through the blockers we as marginalized voices and groups experience and create lasting impact. Preorder your copy of Match-Striking for Beginners today and join the movement for positive change!

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