EP 29: Match-Striking For Beginners: Collective Action and Activism featured image

EP 29: Match-Striking For Beginners: Collective Action and Activism

On this episode of The Disruption Podcast, we discuss the critical need for collective activism and change within our systems and organizations. As we tease this concept from Tracey’s book, “Match-Striking for Beginners,” which is set to launch this Pride month, we also tackle the vital need for collective activism and meaningful action towards social change, pivotal themes in Tracey’s book. We explore why activism must permeate every organization, why throwing money at problems isn’t enough, and how we can use our influence right where we’re at to support organizations in stepping up authentically and impactfully.

Tracey also shares her experiences working with the wonderful team at Practical Inspiration Publishing and that team’s profound impact on Tracey’s book! Tracey discusses the importance of choosing the right allies in publishing and why Practice Inspiration Publishing was the right partner for her, being a woman-owned publishing company that really gets behind its authors.

In this episode Michelle and Tracey talk about:

  •  Tracey’s exceptional experiences with the Practical Inspiration Publishing team and the importance of finding the right partners to support your vision and message.
  • The necessity of activism within every organization and system, with an emphasis on what we can each do individually right where we’re at.
  • The importance of organizations taking real action and providing real support for marginalized communities.
  • Their partners and friends, Robbie Karp and Jane Randal, who are specialists in corporate activism and social impact and who join Michelle and Tracey on the next episode of The Disruption Podcast.

Whether you’re seeking to ignite your inner superhero or activate collective power, Tracey’s book is a roadmap that offers essential practices and bold moves to break through the blockers we as marginalized voices and groups experience and create lasting impact. Preorder your copy of Match-Striking for Beginners today and join the movement for positive change!

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