Ep 12 Part 1: Disrupting Your Understanding of the Trans and Nonbinary Experience with Stacy Fatemi featured image

Ep 12 Part 1: Disrupting Your Understanding of the Trans and Nonbinary Experience with Stacy Fatemi

Happy Pride Month, Disruptors!

As we close out a month meant to celebrate queerness worldwide, we are so excited to bring you a special 3-part series highlighting the T in LBGTQIA+! In this series, you will hear the individual stories of two trans, nonbinary individuals, and then hear them come together to educate us all with a Trans 101 crash course. In our first episode of this series, we host a conversation with the delightful and fabulously talented Stacy Fatemi!

Stacy (they/them) is a trans, nonbinary educator from Albuquerque, New Mexico. After coming out as trans at age 17, Stacy began casually educating others to address a gap in knowledge about the gender spectrum and experiences that affected their everyday life. Now, at age 26, they do transgender trainings and workshops for organizations all around the country, with an added focus on nonbinary people and the issues they face, as co-founder of TNET.

Before TNET came to be, Stacy did trainings as the first Education & Outreach Program Manager for the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico and made educational works for the Health Equity Alliance for LGBTQ+ New Mexicans. They’re also the author of Pronouns: What’s the Big Deal?, which details the ins and outs of basic linguistic respect towards trans and nonbinary folks. When not pursuing their educational passions through their work with TNET, Stacy can be found making metal, punk, and ambient music with their longtime friend, the 6-string bass guitar.

In this episode, Tracey and Michelle talk with Stacy about:

  • Statistics and the current state of affairs regarding transgender folks and specifically transgender youth
  • How a bored night of watching YouTube led Stacy to understand they were trans
  • What coming out means and what that looked like for Stacy
  • The importance of open and loving acceptance and how it has a direct effect on mental health
  • The ins and outs of gender expression
  • Stacy’s experience moving into university with a female gender expression
  • Their gender-affirming care journey, including beginning hormone therapy, their physical and emotional changes from introducing estrogen, and what a vaginoplasty is
  • Defining the gender triangle
  • How to better support loved ones who are transitioning by the reactions we have, the words we use, and the safe spaces we create

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