Ep 12 Part 2: Disrupting Your Understanding of the Trans & Nonbinary Youth Experience with Charlie Alexander featured image

Ep 12 Part 2: Disrupting Your Understanding of the Trans & Nonbinary Youth Experience with Charlie Alexander

We’re back with part two of our three-part series! In this second part of the series, we had the pleasure of chatting with Charlie Alexander about everything from how gender-affirming care is suicide prevention to some realities of parenting as a non-binary person!

Charlie Alexander (they/them) is a trans and nonbinary parent to two kids. After winding up pregnant at age 17 without access to any support, resources, or assistance, Charlie became ferociously passionate about educating folks on important topics such as sexual health, boundaries, consent, radical love, all things sex-, sexuality-, and gender-related. They believe whole-heartedly that education is the foundation to liberation which led them to join Stacy in building TNET in January of 2023.

In 2022, Charlie earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Sociology and a Certificate in Race and Social Justice from the University of New Mexico. They plan to continue their educational journey in graduate school.

Charlie is passionate about intersectional feminism, disability justice, and transgender issues. They co-founded a disability justice group in 2021 called Crip Liberation. Charlie enjoys reading, making art, roller skating, volunteering, and spending time with their sweet children in their free time.

In this episode, we talk with Charlie about:Their childhood experience growing up Southern Baptist

  • Getting pregnant at age 17 after being denied birth control
  • How Charlie transformed their trauma into purpose through TNET
  • The process of uncovering their gender identity
  • The fluidity of gender and sexuality
  • The struggles of being pregnant and why Charlie got sterilized
  • The process of sterilization and top surgery
  • Why gender-affirming care is suicide prevention
  • Why children and youth should have access to gender-affirming care
  • What is informed consent
  • Their pregnancy experience as a non-binary person
  • Their experience with postpartum depression
  • Charlie’s parenting style and approach

Check out this week’s episode to understand Charlie’s experience as a non-binary person! Thank you for listening and supporting The Disruption Podcast! If you liked what you heard, we’d be so appreciative if you’d leave us a 5-star rating and review on Apple Podcasts and share this episode with a friend.

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